Contact: Lanette Kroupa MT(ASCP)
Phone: 307-352-8364
Hours: The laboratory is staffed 24/7
Outpatient hours are Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm, Saturday-Sunday from 9am-2pm


The Clinical Laboratory is nationally accredited by the Joint Commission. The laboratory’s services encompass emergency service, inpatient,and out-patient needs. All disciplines of laboratory medicine are included such as Hematology, Coagulation, Chemistry, Urinalysis, Blood Transfusion, Serology, Microbiology, and Anatomical Pathology.

  • State of the art equipment with a full range of diagnostic tests available
  • Highly trained professional staff with many years of experience
  • Caring and friendly staff to attend to your healthcare/laboratory needs

The laboratory also offers Health & Wellness Screenings every month. Please call 352-8360 for details!