Patient Responsibility

Aside from our Patient Bill of Rights, you have responsibilities as a patient:


    1. You are responsible for providing information about your health, including past illnesses, hospital stays, and use of medicine.


    1. You are responsible for asking questions when you do not understand information or instructions.


    1. You are responsible for informing your physician and other care-givers if you anticipate problems in following prescribed treatment or if you refuse any medical procedure or treatment.


    1. You are responsible for providing your healthcare provider information about any pain you experience as it begins and as it changes. You are also responsible for working with your healthcare providers to develop and implement a pain management plan.


    1. You and your visitors are responsible for being considerate of the needs of other patients, staff, and the hospital facilities.


    1. You are responsible for providing insurance information and for working with the hospital to make payment arrangements, when necessary.


    1. You are responsible to let the nurse and your family know if you feel you are receiving too many outside visitors.


    1. If you have a written Advance Directive, you are responsible for providing a copy to the hospital, your family, and your doctor.


  1. Your health depends not just on your hospital care but, in the long term,on the decisions you make in your daily life. You are responsible for recognizing the effect of life-style on your personal health.

This hospital works to provide care efficiently and fairly to all patients and the community. A hospital serves many purposes. Hospitals work to improve people’s health; treat people with injury and disease; educate doctors,health professionals, patients, and community members; and improve understanding of health and disease. In carrying out these activities, this institution works to respect your values and dignity.