Patient Bill of Rights

We consider you a partner in your hospital care. When you are well informed, participate in treatment decisions, and communicate openly with your doctor and other health professionals, you help make your care as effective as possible. This hospital encourages respect for the personal preferences, values and beliefs of each individual.

MHSC respects the rights of patients:

  • You have the right to receive treatment, care and services within the capability and mission of the Hospital and in compliance with law and regulation. In the event that your needs cannot be met, you will be notified and alternatives to care will be presented at that time.
  • You have the right to have your cultural, psychosocial, spiritual, personal values, beliefs and preferences respected.
  • You have the right to be treated with consideration, respect and the full recognition of your personal dignity.
  • You have the right to pastoral and other spiritual care services.

MHSC provides information on rights to each patient:

  • You shall receive information at the time of admission about the hospital’s patient rights policy.
  • You have the right to access, request amendment to, and receive an accounting of disclosures regarding your health information as permitted under applicable law.

MHSC supports and facilitates patient involvement in decisions about care, treatment and services provided:

  • You have a right to be involved in decisions about your care, treatment and services.
  • Your surrogate decision maker, as allowed by law, will be identified when you cannot make decisions about your care, treatment and services.  This legally responsible representative will approve care, treatment and service decisions on your behalf.
  • Your family, as appropriate and as allowed by law, with your permission or the permission of your surrogate decision maker, has the right to be involved in care, treatment and service decisions.

MHSC supports your right to make informed decisions and give informed consent.

MHSC supports your right to consent to or refuse recording or filming made for purposes other than your identification, diagnosis or treatment.

MHSC supports your right of receipt of information about the person(s) responsible for the delivery of your care, treatment and services, information provided includes:

• Name of physician or primary practitioner responsible for providing and performing your care, treatment and services.

MHSC supports your right to refuse care, treatment and services in accordance with law and regulation.  When you are not legally responsible, MHSC supports your right to address end-of-life decisions and your surrogate decision maker has the right to refuse on your behalf.

MHSC supports your right to address end-of-life decisions:

  • You have the right to review and revise your advanced directives. If you do not have an advanced directive, assistance will be available to formulate one.
  • The hospital will honor your advanced directive within the limits of the law and the hospital’s capabilities.
  • MHSC provides care and services that accommodate the patient and their family’s comfort, dignity, psychosocial, emotional, and spiritual end-of-life needs.
  • The hospital will honor you wishes concerning organ donation within the limits of the law and the hospital’s capabilities.

MHSC respects your right to and need for effective communication:

  • Written information provided will be appropriate to your age, understanding and language.
  • MHSC provides interpretation, including translation services, as needed.
  • MHSC provides for those with visual, speech, hearing, language and cognitive impairments.

MHSC supports and facilitates the resolution of complaints from patients and their families:


  • You have the right to freely voice complaints and recommend changes without being subject to coercion, discrimination, or unreasonable interruption of care, treatment and services.
  • You have the right to present concerns or comments if you are having problems with the care, treatment or services you are receiving. The hospital has a designated Patient Relations Representative that you may contact by dialing “0” or extension 8412.  Your comments will be registered and a member of the administrative staff will contact you within 5 business days.
  • You have the right to present your concerns or comments to the Wyoming Department of Health, regardless or whether you use the Hospital grievance process first.

Wyoming Dept. of Health

401 Hathaway Building

Cheyenne, WY 82002



  • You have the right as a Medicare beneficiary to express concern regarding quality of care, disagree with a coverage decision, or appeal a premature discharge.


QIO: Mountain-Pacific Quality Health Foundation

3404 Cooney Drive

Helena, MT 59602



  • You have a right to file a complaint with the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.


Toll-free number: (800) 994-6610


MHSC will respect your right for confidentiality, privacy and security:


  • The hospital will protect the confidentiality of you patient information.
  • The hospital will respect your privacy. You will be afforded an opportunity to meet in private with visitors and communicate in person or via phone privately with persons of your choice.
  • The hospital will make every effort to provide a safe and secure environment for you and your visitors throughout your stay.
  • The hospital respects your right to access information contained in your clinical record within a reasonable time frame.


MHSC will provide you an environment that preserves your dignity and contributes to a positive self-image:


  • Each room will provide you with the storage space to meet your personal needs.
  • You have the right to keep and use personal possessions, unless they infringe upon the rights of others or are medically or therapeutically contraindicated.


MHSC supports your right to be free from mental, physical, sexual and verbal abuse:

  • The hospital will, to the best of its ability, protect you from real or perceived abuse, neglect, or exploitation from anyone, including staff, students, volunteers, other patients, visitors or family members.
  • You shall be free from unnecessary restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination or threat of reprisal by the hospital.
  • You have the right to the proper and safe use of restraints in acute medical and surgical care.
  • You have the right to the proper and safe use of seclusion and restraints in behavioral management.
  • All allegations, observations, or suspected cases of abuse, neglect, or exploitation that occur in the hospital will be investigated.


MHSC supports your right to have your pain managed.

MHSC plans, supports and coordinates activities and resources to ensure that pain is recognized and addressed appropriately in accordance with the care, treatment and services provided, including:


  • Pain assessment
  • Education of all relevant providers regarding pain assessment and management.
  • Education for you and your family members, when appropriate, about your roles in managing pain and the potential limitations and side effects of pain treatments.


MHSC supports and assists in your right to access protective and advocacy services.


MHSC supports your right to know if this hospital has relationships with outside parties that may influence your treatment and care. These relationships may include educational institutions, insurers or other healthcare providers.