Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders

Cancer Care in Sweetwater County

This year has been exciting as it’s the first time Oncology (Cancer) care has been offered right here in Sweetwater County. Led by Dr. Jad Joseph Wakim, board-certified hematologist oncologist, our Hematology Oncology (Cancer & Blood Disorders) Clinic has opened up and is located at (blank) Foothill Drive. See our Hematology-Oncology page for more information.

Looking to the Future

Construction is in full-swing at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County.  Even throughout the winter, concrete has been laid and steel is going up on what will be an 80,000 sq. foot /$16.1 million addition to our facility. The cornerstone of this project will feature a full-service cancer treatment center; the first of it’s kind in the region. The cancer treatment center will offer an infusion center for chemotherapy treatment and also state-of-the art equipment for radiation therapy. The Huntsman Cancer Institute – University of Utah Healthcare has been instrumental in the design of the center, in the equitable acquisition of related medical equipment, and also in the selection process of the center’s staff and physicians.

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County is proud to be the only facility in Wyoming to be partnered with the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the University of Utah, allowing us access to the latest clinical trials and cutting edge scientific advances for the treatment of all types of malignancies and blood disorders.

We eagerly await the groundbreaking for our Regional Cancer Center in the Fall of 2013. This state-of-the-art facility will add a radiation oncology program and expand access to comprehensive cancer care in Wyoming by providing a full range of services and specialists all under one roof, including: hematology and medical oncology, chemotherapy pharmacy and infusion area, radiology and radiation oncology, specialty laboratory services, and various medical and surgical specialties. Abundant examination, treatment and procedure space throughout the new building will improve patient flow and access. Conference rooms and academic spaces will foster multidisciplinary approach to cancer care and allow for videoconferencing and discussion of challenging cases with experts from the Huntsman Cancer Institute.