Cafeteria Menu

Over the past few years we have broadened our cafeteria menu as well as enhanced our patient room-service menu**. We do not serve your “ordinary hospital food”.

In the hospital cafeteria; depending on the day, you might find a variety of pasta, gourmet sandwiches, a salad station or another one of our specialties. We always have a full salad bar during lunch and also a lunch sandwich station if you prefer. We also have a daily choice of soup that you can include with your entree.

Our nutrition services staff will update the cafeteria menu weekly, but if you have questions or cannot open the menu, please call us at 362-3711.

**Most of our patients are on a physician-ordered diet. Therefore, we must prepare your meals in accordance with your diet. If you are a patient, please ask your nursing staff if the cafeteria option fits your diet. Thank you!

Our weekly menu