Janelle Nickell

Health Information Management Director

Janelle currently serves as the Director of Health Information Management (HIM) at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County. She has worked for the hospital since December of 1994.

She began her career as a secretary and medical transcriptionist for the VA Hospital in Fort Lyon, Colorado in 1977.

After getting married in 1979, she and her husband relocated to Douglas, Wyoming, where the construction and oil industry was booming. In 1992 they relocated to western Wyoming, in Rock Springs where the natural gas industry was flourishing.

Janelle began her career at Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County in 1994 as a casual part time medical transcriptionist. Within two years she was promoted to supervisor of Health Information Management. In 2006 she accepted the position of Director of Health Information Management.

She takes great pride in her department and the staff who work with her. The HIM staff includes four coders, five HIM technicians, five medical transcriptionists, three nursing case managers and one volunteer.