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Amoxil is one of the antibiotics of the penicillin series. The trade name Amoxil refers to the branded Amoxicillin, which was developed by the British pharmaceutical company Beecham in 1972. Since then, the original Amoxil has been produced by the British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKlein.

The active substance of amoxicillin is aminobenzyl penicillin. It kills bacteria due to its ability to prevent the synthesis of their cell walls. As a result of this property, some time after taking Amoxicillin, the growth of pathogenic microflora first slows down, and then mass death of the pathogen takes place.

Despite the fact that Amoxicillin is an antibiotic that has been used for a very long time, it still has not lost its relevance. While penicillin treatment, for example, has become incomparably less popular, Amoxicillin is still successfully treating many infections, including respiratory and urinary tract infections, pneumonia, as well as abscesses, cellulitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, otitis and sinusitis. Many people wish to have this medicine in their home medicine box, because it is often important to start taking an antibiotic as soon as possible during an acute illness. For example, with the hurricane development of acute otitis media, the count can go on for hours, and a timely antibiotic can save the integrity of the eardrum and protect it from rupture or the need to pierce it surgically. In this regard, the question of how to buy Amoxicillin online is very relevant, so that it is always at hand, regardless of whether the patient has a prescription from a doctor or not.

Since pharmaceutical legislation in the US is quite strict, the easiest way out, which will allow you to have Amoxicillin on hand in your home medicine box, is to place an order for this medicine in any foreign or international online pharmacy. A nice bonus of buying medicines online, in addition to saving time, is that the price of medicines in online pharmacies is usually significantly lower than offline.

Amoxil Generic Name

Amoxil is the brand name for amoxicillin. In the US, Amoxil is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company USA Antibiotics. However, it should not be assumed that Amoxil is the only antibiotic option with the active ingredient Amoxicillin that is available to US residents. Today, there are many generics of Amoxil, which are based on the same semi-synthetic penicillin, modified for greater efficiency in the laboratory, and not simply isolated from a natural substance (as the ancestor of penicillins is penicillin G).

Amoxil generics are similar in composition to branded drugs, that is, their chemical structure is completely identical to the chemical structure of the prototype drug. The only thing that can differ in generics is excipients, as well as release forms. Amoxil generics can be produced both in the form of tablets and capsules for oral administration, and the excipients are only responsible for the density of the tablet, which indirectly affects its size, color and composition of its film shell, or the color of the capsule. Auxiliary ingredients do not have any tangible effect on the human body, so the differences in the auxiliary components of Amoxil generics can, in principle, be neglected. Amoxil generics are sold under trade names such as Generic Amoxil, Amoxicillin, Amox Plus, Trimox and others.

Amoxicillin 500 Dosage

The most common dosage of Amoxicillin is 500 mg in one tablet or capsule. 500 mg is the classic dosage for adults, and it is necessary to take an antibiotic at this dosage in most cases three times a day. The very elderly, as well as patients suffering from renal or hepatic insufficiency, may need to adjust the dosage downward.

The 500 mg dosage is also often used in the treatment of various diseases in children and adolescents, since a tablet containing 500 mg of Amoxicillin can be easily divided into two parts to obtain the desired dosage of 250 mg (which is usually used in children aged 5 and over up to 15 years). However, in general, it should be borne in mind that the method of application and dosing regimen of Amoxicillin and its generics depends on the form of release, the patient’s health status, the specific disease, the sensitivity of the pathogen to the antibiotic, and many other factors. The optimal dosage regimen in each case should be determined by the physician. In severe diseases, a single dosage of an antibiotic can reach one gram.

How to buy Amoxicillin cheap

The most basic life hacks for buying cheap Amoxicillin is placing an order in online pharmacies. Also, for those patients who want to save money on buying Amoxicillin, it is important to pay attention to the country of origin of the generic. So, Amoxil generics from the Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva do not differ much in cost from the branded drug, while the Indian analogue of Amoxicillin – Trimox – is cheaper than the prototype drug. At the same time, it is in no way inferior to it in terms of efficiency and ease of use. Trimox is by far the most popular generic Amoxicillin purchased by US residents. The manufacturer of this medicine is the Indian pharmaceutical company Mapra Laboratories, headquartered in Mumbai. The history of this pharmaceutical company goes back almost 40 years, and during all this period it has not been involved in any scandal or litigation related to the dubious quality of its drugs. This is one of the most respected, developed and modern pharmaceutical companies, whose products can be bought in dozens of countries around the world.

Another way to save money when buying Amoxil generics is to turn your attention to offer aggregator sites from various online pharmacies, which collect several dozen offers on one page, and the user can configure their sorting according to desired parameters, such as drug price, delivery cost , the number of tablets in the package, the manufacturer and others. Aggregators allow you to visually compare prices for Amoxicillin in different pharmacies and choose the offer that suits you best.

Buy Generic Amoxil Online

When buying generic Amoxil online, you shouldn’t be surprised at the lower price of generics compared to the cost of the original drug. Despite the fact that some consumers still retain a prejudice against buying any generic drugs, especially through the Internet, the online drug trade mechanism in most countries, among which the United States and India are no exception, has long been optimized and has been functioning smoothly for many years. All drugs that appear on the virtual shelves of online pharmacies undergo mandatory certification, and generics are no exception. The only places where counterfeit drugs can be found are not at all official online pharmacies, especially large classifieds sites and various forums where drugs are sold by individuals. Nevertheless, antibiotics are not a product that, in principle, is profitable to fake, so the likelihood of purchasing low-quality Amoxicillin tends to zero today.

The process of placing an order for generic Amoxil in an online pharmacy is essentially no different from placing an order in a regular online store for any product, be it a toothbrush or ceramic bathroom tiles. As a rule, to place an order, you must register on the website of the online pharmacy you are interested in. If you are concerned about your privacy, please use a temporary email address. Next, you need to enter your personal data (usually this is the delivery address and mobile phone number), add the necessary drug to the basket in the quantity you are interested in, enter payment details, make payment and wait until the parcel with the medicine arrives at the local post office. If you order medicines through an online pharmacy that has branches based in the United States, then it is likely that you will be offered the option of delivering the parcel to your door.

Amoxicillin over the Counter

Amoxil, like any of its generics, is a prescription drug in the US. In order to buy it, a sick person must gather strength, get into a car or public transport, get to a specialist (and you still need to make an appointment with him in advance, and it is not uncommon for a record to be available only a few days after applying) and get the required assignment. If the disease has caught you suddenly and can cause serious damage to your health, often the symptoms need to be stopped as soon as possible. This will reduce the overall duration of treatment and will protect against the development of more dangerous complications. Even classic sinusitis or bronchitis that is not treated in time can lead to long-term disability and harmful long-term treatment or even surgery. Making an appointment with a doctor, the appointment itself, obtaining a prescription, finding a pharmacy where the necessary medicine is available – all this requires a lot of time. And time is the most important resource in the treatment of most diseases. That is why it is best to have at least a couple of proven broad-spectrum antibiotics in your medical box, among which Amoxicillin is one of the safest and most effective options.

For US residents, it is possible to buy Amoxicillin without a prescription when contacting international or foreign national online pharmacies. In these places, all orders are processed automatically, and no one cares if you have a prescription to buy an antibiotic or not. After all, this is not a narcotic drug, and not even a strong sleeping pill. As a rule, confirmation that you have a prescription has a purely formal status, when you check the box in a pop-up window, confirming that you have a prescription. The opportunity to buy Amoxicillin without a prescription from India or Canada will also be appreciated by people who are faced with a disease such as gonorrhea, when it is unlikely that the patient is ready to tell the doctor about his problem.